About Us

Digital Agency Mir reklamy was founded in 1996 and thanks to its unique developments, is one of the leading Russian internet-advertising companies. Our qualification and status of partners of the major Russian search engines is officially acknowledged.  Through Yandex, Googlr and Begun (Rambler) search engines you can find the Mir Reklamy in the List of Accredited and Certified Agents.

The main areas of our business are the following:

- contextual (Pay Per Click), ATL and mobile advertising;

- social media marketing and reputation management;

- targeted advertising;

- advertising audit and web analytics.

Our Competitive Advantages:

  • We offer an integrated range of internet marketing instrumentation: positioning of contextual and ATL advertising, analytics, PR in internet; and many other services.
  • Our services are usually free for customers in case of ordering of both contextual and ATL internet-advertising. The Agency’s profit is generated from commission fees paid by the platform.
  • We save your money. The Agency possesses a unique system of automated control and management of the rates of contextual advertising campaigns, these allowing maintaining advertisements at the set positions with minimal costs within 24 hours. In addition, we manage to reduce the costs by correct compilation and adjusting your advertisements. There some customers of ours who gained significantly from several-fold lower cost of a click, and some of them from even ten times  lower costs some times.
  • We cooperate with any internet platforms without exceptions, including the foreign ones. Professional background of our ATL experts ensures that your advertising will be aimed at only a targeted auditorium at a minimal contractual cost.
  • We are open to our customers: as an option, the customers  themselves can manage the rates of the campaigns, to suspend and launch advertising, they have full access to on-line statistics and receive a detailed monthly consolidated report on the course and results of the advertising campaign.
  • We know how to advertise your business. We know how people are looking for real estate, automobiles, tours, medical services and many other matters in internet. We organized thousands and thousands of advertizing campaigns for our numerous customers of different industries  and received many thank-you comments.
  • We operate even the smallest budgets: we value every customer. There is a lot of customers among our those who used to begin with 20000 rubbles a month, and after seeing effectiveness of the campaign, they were decided to contribute much more money. 
  • We are specialized in comprehensive promotion of goods and services of our customers, and we are not confined only to internet-marketing instrumentation. You do not need to seek for services of several contractors to place your advertisements in mass media and outdoor. We will plan and implement an all-rounded campaign using any media you are interested in.

It is secondary, what an advertising campaign you are going to have in internet. The function of our Digital Agency  is to design and adjust it in such a manner that it be of highest possible effect. We do our utmost because we love and know how to do our job – digital marketing.

Please contact us by phone +7 (495) 228-06-30 or by means of backlink!

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